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[04 Dec 2005|11:46pm]
1. I once was a slut.
2. I have been in love.
3. I had a booger wall of fame.
4. I don't enjoy slicing/stuffing/sweetning a date.
5. I enjoy a nice pinch.
6. I used to think white eyeliner was a good idea.
7. I thought you were supposed to use a 10" round brush and a blowdryer to style your bangs.
8. I never pass up desert.
9. I own a $1,200 watch.
10. I go through other peoples bathroom mirror cabinets.
11. Toliet seats with a rug on the top of the seat cover make me nervous.
12. My best friend wont drink coffee because it makes her shake.
13. I am BiPolar.
14. I'd rather be too cold then too hott.
15. I have been in five car accidents.
16. I can do great a great British accent.
17. I took baths/showers with my sister until I was 10.
18. I once memorized a whole joke book.
19. I used to wash my cat with a paintbrush.
20. I A M S I N G L E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[13 Apr 2005|07:26pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]

1. What School did you attend? Nonnewaug Aqriculturial High School
2. What year was it? 2003
3. What were your favorite band(s) or artist(s)? 50 cent
4. What was your favorite outfit? Whatever had the least material
5. What was up with your hair? Below shoulders and blonde.
6. Who was your best friend(s)? Ashley Carlson and Annie
7. What did you do after school? Gotot cheerleading/track practice, then to Ashleys for sleepovers.
8. Where did you work? Julios.
9. Did you take the bus? Nope, had teh Lancer. RIP
10. Who did you have a crush on? Eveyone but Scott
11. Did you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Stinker
12. Did you fight with your parents? Youuuuu think Im not Bipolar..
13. Did you ever get detention? Not senior year.Freshmen year..(loud speaker during mornring announcements)"Please do not attened detention if you do not have it." Ashleeand I used to go for fun because the hott guys were in there. done.
14. Favorite Subject? History
16. Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? ja Rule
17. Did you smoke cigarettes? not too much.
18. Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day? Never carried a backpack.
19. Best event ever? During that year....having mom and Muriel lift up my matress.
20. Did you have a 'clique'? Somewhat I guess.
21. Where was your Senior Prom? Sad, but I dont remmeber.
22. Did you have a "Max" like Zach, Kelly and Slater? Not in Woodbury
23. Admit it, were you popular? I was friends with everyone so I guess.
24. Who did you want to be just like? Muriel of course. Who else???
25. What was the color of your yearbook? Blue
26. What were your school colors? Red, Blue and White
27. What was your school mascot? Chiefs

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Im back [13 Jan 2005|08:33pm]
1. Aubree
2. Aubs
3. RumpelTubskin

1. My ability to always look good
2. Im hott
3. Im really fucking hott

1. I am so hott that I lower my sisters and others self esteem
2. That every guy wants a peaice of me
3. That I always look so damn good

2. French
3. English

1. Not being hott
2. Having Muriel be hotter than me
3. My weave falling out when Its windy

1. watch
2. hairbrush
3. lippie-just the essentials that make me hotter

1. Muriels sweat pants that I ripped while putting on
2. Muriels new underwear
3. Muriels shirt that she tells me not to wear b/c ill streach it out with my hott boobs

1. Pantera
2. Third Eye Blind
3. The cd when Gus gets onto the bus

1. A new boyfriend
2. To tone down my hotness
3. The glue extentions

1. sex
2. hott boyfreind with a bag
3. sex
4. sex
5. sex
6. sex
7. sex
8. For him to respect that im saving myself for marriage

1. Not be the devil
2. Watch my mom bob her head while listening to the Transibrian Orchestra.
3. Touch the scrubby sponge

1. Refer to numbers 3-8 two questions prior to this one
2. Coloring/drawing/painting
3. Reading books

1. See Mr. Tink.. He got some nice things. (thats for you mearface)
2. Wax my legs
3. Throw all my clothes in Muriels room for when she gets home.

1. News broadcaster
2. Museaum Director
3. Prostitute

1. Figi
2. L.A
3. Bermuda - Dominican Replublic - Bhamas - Hawaii

1. Kiki Aubree
2. Candy Aubree
3. Cookie Aubree

1. marry someone rich
2. get lip implants
3. Chill with P. Diddy
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[10 Oct 2004|09:11am]
This is what I sound like afer five years.

1. What is the geekiest part of your music collection: Summer Luaou

2. What do you eat when you raid the fridge at night: ALlthe food is gone by the time I goto bed so Im forced to nibble on my hand.

3. How much money would it take to give up the Internet for one year: $1,000

4. What is your secret guaranteed weeping movie: The Notebook (women love to paray after its over)

5. Do you have a completely irrational fear: That song by Kevin Lyttle "Turn me on"

6. What is a physical habit that gives away your insecure moments: I looooove to pinch

7. Do you know anyone famous: No.

8. Describe your bed: Is this one fo those chat room questions?

9. Do you know how to play poker: Texas Holdom al teh way baby.

10. What do you carry with you at all times: lippie

11. What do you miss most about being little: being able to fit down the laundry shoot

12. Are you happy with your given name: Love it

13. What color is your bedroom: Flowerly

14. Do you consider yourself to be a nice person: Im the nicest person ever.

15. Do you spend more time with your girlfriend/boyfriend or your friends: Well Frank has been at the gym alot latley, so Ive been hanign out with my friends mostly.

16. What's one thing you wish you could do but can't: make Dangeroulsy Chesy Cheetos ExtraDangeroulsyMotherFuckingCheesy. The jsut arent cheesy enough.

17. What is your ideal marriage location: In a church I think.

18. What's one instrument you wish you could play: Piano/Guitar.

19. Something you love and hate: At the same time? eating

20. What's one language you want to learn: French

21. What do you order at a bar: Any frozen drink or a Cosmo

22. Have you ever pierced your body parts: Yeas, but they all failed

23. Do you drive stick: yess

24. What's one trait you hate in a person: Lying

25. What kind of watch do you wear: I don't wear a watch.

26. Do you consider yourself materialistic: Maybe.

27. Favorite writing instrument: mechanical pencil

28. Do you prefer to blend in or stand out: Stand out.

29. Do you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex: not recently

30. What is one car you will never buy: Focus

31. If you won the lottery, what would you do: Give ALL of it to my dad for being so loving and nurturing and always buying me things when I needed them the most. Thank you dad. Done.

32. Burial or cremation: Not sure

33. If you don't like a person, how do you show it: Im a fucking bitch

34. What kind of first impression do you think you give people: That im a bitch.

35. How many drinks before you're tipsy: About two or three

36. Have you ever done any illegal drugs: yes.

37. Do you think you're cute: I think.

38. Do you have a problem changing clothes in front of your friends: No. AS long as they dont peek like Muriel does

39. Whats the most painful experience you've ever had (emotionally and/or physically): long story

40. Favorite communication method: Ove the phone or in person. If its a huge problem and I want to stab the person, then id say over the phone first.
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"YEAHHH"- as the 40 yr. old man flexes his tan steriod muscles and gives me a high five [18 May 2004|10:11pm]
My day today was good. I went out to eat with my mom and my sister which always puts me in a good moode. It's entertaining so laughing is always a given. Then we did a little shopping and I want the towel dress with the towel flippes from Vickies. School is over and I work 2 days on the weekend so I've been going to the beach everyday with the girls. I'm in love with Hitler again. He's been being really sweet to me which is awesome. Besides the fact that he cockblocked me last night, hes been awesome. That stupid bitch that he works with stopped calling him FINALLY so i've been in a much better moode lately. I really want to post pictures, but I dont have a digital camera. I really have nothing else to ramble about. I love Scott. The end.
PS- I am now a member of Club Cali
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MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY! [27 Apr 2004|05:23pm]
Thank GOD for getting bit in the face by a dog! Now I get a few thousand dollars towards a car and shopping thanks byeeeeeeeee. Then I get twice as much when I turn 21 to buy an apartent with. Life is good. Minus the fact that my parents set up a boobie trap while they were in Florida to see if I would go in their room and find their coke stash. I told them I was going to move out, but daddy convinced me to stay, so I will stay. To me, Its only a place to store my clothes and visit my dad and little sisters. I hate the big breasted beast so we are on BAD terms now. I could care less if that bitch dropped dead. My mom was just screming at my sister on the phone. Mom needs to chill out. Smoke some pot or something. Right after she was done, I asked her is Mr. Tink could sleep over for out 2 1/2 yr. on Wednesday and she started screaming at me. I laugh when she gets mad unlike Mear who gets pissed off. Ma was like "NO WAY! Hes not sleeping over! You dont understnad how disgusing that was when I lifted up your matress." HAHHAHAHHAHAH MURIEL HAHAHAHAHHAHAH! I WISH I WAS THERE! Im sorry, but the FUNNIEST thing EVER was when we first got FEEEEEEEEED and he went in my room, picked up a wrapped condom in his mouth and started trotting down the hallway with it and dropped it right at my moms foot. HAH I never laughed SO hard in my life! Im going to try to convince her to let him sleep over though. Its a special occasion and I know that Muriel misses Mr. Stink. I registered for my classes and im all set. Philosphy, Western History, and Journalism. They are classes of 50 (lectures), so they are ALL writitng, but I like to write. Anaywas, byeeee
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Yeah YEAH [20 Apr 2004|06:26pm]
yes!FINALLY a beautiful day! no, im stuck inside in class. I went out to get my nails nad toes done today and they painted pretty designes on them. Im excited! I then went and bought some shoes at Nine West. I know its an old lady store, but the shoes are awesome. I got these black stellitos and I tried them on and my mom says "Those look like bondage shoes" so I bought them. I figure ill dress like a slut on Thursday when I goto the club with Mr.Stink. Then I got a cuttte pair of tan heel sandals with pretty beads. I bought Mear a ring too. I hope she likes it. I think she will because I think its ugly. I bought it from some hippie selling shit in the hallway ina a tiedye shirt. I gave him Mears number too. j/k thanks byyeee. So hopefully im going to the West Farms mall tomororow and buying shit for spring. Ok, class is satrting, peace.
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[13 Apr 2004|03:02pm]
If anyone would like to compete for the "Physco Girlfriend of the Month" award, please consult with me ASAP. For now, I still stand at #1. This story is something that you would normally see in a cheezy soap opera on a Friday afternoon while eating bon bons, but let me remind you, this is a true story. Last Sunday was like every other Sunday. I woke up arond 1:00, ate breakfast, threw all my laundry in the washer, took a shower and left for work. I waitressed my little hiney off as usual for minum wage and got out around 8:30. When I was off the clock, I called my Hitler. I asked in my sweet little loving voice "What the fuck are you doing tonight you mother fucker?" To which he replied in his mean Hitler voice "Im going to see that new movie with Bubba and Chris tonight". Now this seemed alittle bit weird to me for two reasons. #1 : Neither him nor Bubba have hung out with this kid Chris in quite a while. #2 : 3 guys going to see a movie together? Thats a little homosexual. So I call back and I say "No, You're not going to the movies tonight. You can goto Bubbas or do anything else, but no movies." To which he replies, "whatever, I hate you. Ill just goto Bubbas then." So I sit down and think to myself--Yeah, thats right, I wear the pants in this relationship motha fucka--and start getting my tickets together for the night so I can leave. Then I get this sixk feeling in my stomache, like something is wrong, so I call his cell. He picks up "Hey, im at a gas station with Bubba" Being so smart, smooth, and quick, I shoot back with "So, you picked up Bubba to go to Bubbas house? That dosnt make too much sense." He came back with "oh.. umm, were going to go play pool." Tired of bickering all night, I just say "fine" and we hang up. I finish all the closing shit I had to do at work and I get in the car and call Scott thinking that I would meet up with them and play some pool before I went home for the niht. I call his cell..no answer. His voicemail picks up automatically therefore, his cell is off. Now Im PISSED! At this point I had two choices..I could either play the trusting loving girlfriend and go home OR play Inspector Gadget and go hunting for Hitler. Considering the fact that the trusting, loving, girlfriends always get cheated on, I decided to play the bitch. My gut told me that he was at the movies so I drove there. I drove all the way to Waterbury in about 12 minutes and RAN into the movie theatre. He didnt tell me what movie they were going to see, so the journey was looking rough. I had to start on the left and walk into every single pitch black theatre and going almost face to face with every person asking "Scott?? is that you??" After about 9 theatres, I found him! He was in the top row with Bubba and some slut that Bubba is "seeing". I walked up to him in the top row, took my purse, and swung it across his face at full swing. Then I grabbed him the the shirt, twisted it up(ripping the hell out of it)the pulled him out of his seat and slapped him. Then I looked at the little slutty Bob's bimbo in Paris Blues jeans and the l.e.i. shirt and screamed "who the FUCk is this", now poeple, keep in mind that this is in a movie theatre. The place where if someones phone rings, everyone turns. So then I turn around and go to leave, but not without my final words "You stupid mother fucker!" at the top of my lungs right in the front of the movie theatre. He runs our and follows me and I take my car keys and throw them at full speed in his face. He returned my keys, hugged me until I stopped crying, followed me home and then we had sex. The end.

To all you guys: Dont lie to girls
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MEAR douche [06 Apr 2004|01:18pm]
If you see this during school (you always write in here how you check it during class), call me at 2:00 and let me know if your comming home or if today is the day that you have your after school shiznit.

** You know that someone is OBSESSED with livejournal when you leave them a message in an entry rather than calling their cell and leaving a voicemail.
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My outfit is riidduculoooouuuss, in the club looking so connsppiicciiiouuuss [05 Apr 2004|05:49pm]
Stay tuned for a fun filled Sunday night entry.
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